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About Scott-Thaler Creative Talent Group

Scott-Thaler Associates was founded in 1980 to present a professional, ethical, and confidential approach to the field of Executive Search / Recruitment.  Since our founding, we have been establishing networks with and placing top professionals in our specialty industries of Fashion Apparel, Retail, Footwear, Accessories, Home Fashions, Gifts, Textiles, Luxury Goods, Beauty and Transportation nationwide.

Scott-Thaler Associates focuses its entire recruiting effort on creating a Triple Win.  This occurs when client, candidate, and recruiter work together and through their synergy, place the right person in the right position under the right circumstances. The client, candidate, and recruiter all win.

To this cooperative effort, we bring . . .

An extensive professional background in your industry. We understand your particular needs and the complex issues you face, so there is no need to familiarize us with your business operation.

Personalized service, responsiveness, and follow through. We exercise great care in choosing our clients and committing resources, so you can be assured that you will always receive prompt attention.

The ability to proactively market your personnel requirements through our network of key individuals, some of them whom may not be actively seeking a new position.

Placing professionals is our business, and we can help you . . .

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FASTER: We locate and present consummate professionals who are industry-wise. We will introduce you to the best people in the industry who can, as your employees, help build your business faster.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: We do the recruiting, and eliminate the need for costly help wanted advertising. We send only the most qualified candidates, fully screened and referenced, and ready to interview. The seasoned professionals we place have an immediate positive impact since their learning curve and associated nonproductive time is minimal.

MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY: Our confidential recruitment activities allow you and your company to maintain a low profile. You can locate the best individuals through our quiet, effective networking process without negative impact to any ongoing operations.

BUILD YOUR COMPANY'S IMAGE: We provide you with confidence that you have indeed hired the right person. Use of an executive recruiter demonstrates the value you and your company place upon hiring superior individuals. In addition, you avoid the potential ramifications associated with turning away qualified candidates because you feel they are just not right for your company.